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No end to Indonesia power struggle

20 Mar 2012, 20 March 2012 - ndonesia is hoping to avoid FIFA sanctions despite the country's football chiefs failing to resolve their power struggle.
Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) disciplinary commission head Bernhard Limbong believes a solution can be reached to the bitter in-fighting.
Football in Indonesia is currently deeply divided, following last month's farcical 10-0 World Cup qualifying loss to Bahrain.
That level of division was never more evident than on Sunday when the PSSI and the opposition faction Indonesian Football Saviour Committee (KPSI) both held congresses simultaneously.
FIFA had told the PSSI it needed to take control of the situation by a deadline of March 20 otherwise risks sanctioning.
Sunday's congress failed to unite the two factions which are split by the PSSI-backed Premier League (IPL) and the rebel Super League (ISL).
However, Limbong told Reuters he hoped the PSSI would avoid sanctions with an olive branch presented to resolve the IPL and ISL split in the short-term.
"We have followed FIFA's order to hold a congress before March 20 and we did that," Limbong said.
"We have also admitted Indonesia Super League, as well as Indonesia Premier League, under PSSI, which addressed FIFA's statute to unite the breakaway league into one single league."
"So for now we have two leagues working parallel for this season. If these leagues later disagree, we would dismiss both leagues and form a new competition, we can call it Indonesia's pro league or something."
"But we can't do it now. We are still tied with broadcasting contract, players' contracts."
However, despite Limbong's comments there still appears to be many divisions in Indonesia.
The KPSI held their own elections at their congress in Jakarta on Sunday, with former PSSI executive committee member La Nyalla Mattalitti chosen as chairman.
The organisation claimed the 81 attendees who elected La Nyalla were official PSSI members with voting rights meaning the decision should be recognised by FIFA.
However, the PSSI disputed this claim, stating that their conference was attended by 94 of 97 legal voters.
La Nyalla, who was sacked from the PSSI executive committee in December, told the Jakarta Globe: "We will prove that the voters who attended this extraordinary meeting were the real ones, not those who attended the PSSI congress in Palangkaraya."

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